Google’s push for all websites to be HTTPS has so far been only in circles that actually pay attention to what the Giant is doing. But the company is getting ready to implement a large red cross through every website that doesn’t offer an encrypted connection.

Google Browser Warning

In 2014 Google highlighted a proposal to show that  HTTP sites provide no data security to users, so why don’t browsers warn users of this fact. Google’s answer to this is by displaying a red cross over a padlock next to the URL instead of what is shown now which is no warning at all?

Google has been very adamant about some how conveying to the user their information is not secure on HTTP and are trying to get everyone to use HTTPS therefoe making the internet more secure. However, until this week Google hadn’t announced any progress on its proposal. At the Usenix Enigma 2016 security conference, Google offered the snapshot above showing what The New York Times website would like when Google implements the feature in Chrome.

Google has stated many times their goal is to make the internet more secure for its users, and now they are prepared to move forward with their idea of making all HTTP sites.

Google:  “Our goal is to mark non-secure pages like HTTP, using the same bad indicator as broken HTTPS, since this 1) is more accurate than marking such pages as neutral, and 2) simplifies the set of security indicators.”

Why Buy SSL Certificates:

I am sure everyone wants to be sure there information is safe when visiting their favorite website, next time look at the top browser and see if it is http or https. If for no other reason just peace of mind knowing your computer or what ever device you are using is safer than a non-secure site using encryption.

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