How to submit your site to Google using Google Search Console.

The first thing you will need is a Google account. Simply visit Google Search Console and click (Sign in – More Options – Create Account).

The video below will explain how to submit your site and also how to submit your sitemap so Google can find all your pages.

Once you have created your account follow the instructions below, theses are also in the video.

Add property button in webmaster tools

  1. Sign into your new account and click the Add Property Button
  2. After clicking Add Property you will have several options to choose from to prove you are the owner of the website.
    • A) Download a file and place it on your server using FTP (Preferred Method)
    • B) Copy and paste a meta tag into your sites head section.
    • C) Verify using your hosting provider.
    • D) Verify using your Google analytics account.
    • E) Verify using Google Tag Manager

Once you have verified ownership of your website you can now submit your sitemap.Dashboard Webmaster Tools

Navigate to the crawl section of your dashboard, click to access the drop down and choose Sitemaps.

Once you have opened the sitemaps page you will need to click on the add sitemap button on the top right.

Now you will see a box that is partially filled in with your domain URL
The only thing you want to put in this box is where your sitemap page is. (Ex. sitemap.xml )

Your site map should have the file type extension of .xml, make sure you check the url before submitting it to Google.


Now refresh the page and see if your sitemap passed and is registered in the Search Console.  Wait 24hrs for it to become populated and start reporting.


That’s it you have now submitted your site to Google.

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