Google adds new data type for books, with markup that supports “buy e-book” links in Knowledge Graph cards.

On Dec 3, 2016 Google announced a new schema markup for books, this should make the authors and publishers very happy when this actually goes live. Aaron Bradley actually posted an article on Google + Google has added a new data type to their structured data documentation, Books, that allow publishers to point to a purchase location for an e-book.

Here is a screen shot of what your information card may look like.
Google Book Schema Markup

If you are an author or currently have an e-book you might want to fill out the Book Interest Form and get approved to start using this new schema. You can also read more about this at Google Developers.

This schema markup code can be incorporated on your website in the head section in the form of a (application/ld+json script) if implemented this could be a win for writers and authors to help sell their books.