Swifttheme WordPress Template

#1. Swift V7 Theme – 1.039s

Source: swiftthemes.com

The designers of this theme have done their homework, this one was built for speed and it shows. They cleaned and combined CSS files, minimized the use of fonts, Javascript and other resources to highly optimize their code. These are steps most theme designer won’t bother with, as it really takes a lot of time, and frankly most are more concerned with features and looks, but not the designers at Swift Themes. These guys know what they are doing!

frank WordPress Template

#2. Frank – 1.228s

Source: somerandomdude.com

Frank is a very bare bones, open source template that wasn’t quite as optimized as the Swift V7 speed demon, resulting in its 2nd place finish. With a bit more optimization work, it would likely be even faster.

pointpro WordPress Theme

#3. PointPro- 1.657s

Source: mythemeshop.com

One reason for their speed is the lack of sliders and other bloated features that many customers want. You can of course use a plugin to add those features as needed, which is a much better idea than having unused features built in if you want a fast site.

buildpress WordPress Theme

#4. BuildPress – 1.960s

Source: proteusthemes.com

Load times for BuildPress were quite respectable with full features available including sliders and the Font-Awesome library (both of which slow the site). This is certainly a theme design to consider for a local service type business such as construction, heat & air, plumbing, etc.

enfold WordPress Theme

#5. Enfold – 2.098s

Source: Themeforest

This is a very fast theme considering the number of features included such as sliders, web fonts, etc. unlike some of the other fast themes that are stripped down. Even its mobile load time of 6.816s isn’t bad at all, and could likely be improved significantly by the addition of the W3 Total Cache Plugin.

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