Specialty Web Designs Inc, is a full service Christian based web design firm specializing in search engine optimization and online marketing. We are located in Spring Hill Fl but service the entire Tampa bay area for local businesses and the US for all our services.

Our Services include:SEO - Search Engine Optimization

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Web Design (Website Development)
  • Online Consulting (Develop marketing plans that you can do in house)
  • Graphic Design (Logos, Brochures, Images)
  • Online Marketing (Ad Design & Management)
  • Social Media Management (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin)
  • WordPress Design (CMS software)

When consulting with businesses I am most often asked these 3 questions:
Q) Do I Really Need To Hire An SEO?
A) This is the most asked of all. Depending on your website and your industry the answer is usually yes, at least periodically every 3 months.
As an SEO I realize that not all businesses are the same, and some can’t afford to hire an SEO on a full time basis. However it is a good idea to ask if they can do a quarterly SEO audit and keep your pages optimized and code up to date.
True SEO is not just changing a few snip-its of code and making sure the meta tags are right, there is a certain method and order to optimizing a website. Done correctly the results can be wonderful, however done incorrectly the results can be devastating to site’s rankings. Most designers, developers and marketers have a basic knowledge of SEO but it is best to hire a professional SEO if possible.

Q) Is there anything we can do on our own?
A) The answer to this question is YES. There are basic SEO steps that anyone with a little knowledge of a website can do to improve their rankings and optimize pages on their website. As I stated before this can be devastating to your site if you are not careful, especially with the meta tags. Never put this in the hands of a developer or designer only. Developers and Designers often don’t understand the complexities of SEO and can create entirely new problems while trying to fix a few.

Q) Isn’t there just some kind of code you can put in that will automate the process?
A) If you are using WordPress or other CMS systems the answer is YES in a way. For WordPress for instance there are several different plug-ins you can install that will automate SEO in your meta data. Although helpful these plug-ins use your title and content to come up with a description and keywords, I have not seen one yet that doesn’t need a little editing to insure the proper information is in the meta data.  ** Important: Do Not Rely Solely On The Plug-ins Interpretation.
Following these 5 simple strategies will help to optimize your websites content. (Read More..)

If you are looking for a SEO or Web Design company for your business you can contact us at (727) 247-9722 or by email support@specialtywebdesigns.com.

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